Yet again I am reporting from the trenches of my desk at my office job. I wanted to lighten to mood today (it is Friday, after all) so allow me to introduce one of the things that has gotten me through the long hours that I have been putting in lately.

It’s a podcast about the show Gilmore Girls called the Gilmore GUYS and it is my life.

Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe are two awesome dudes who love the show Gilmore Girls and have podcast where they go through the show episode by episode, breaking down every jokey reference, going over the epic f-f-f-f-f-fashion, and occasionally (frequently) going off on tangents.


First off, Gilmore Girls ended like eight years ago, although it was released on Netflix in October of 2014 so I suppose there’s now a new crop of fans.

Second, I really did not think anyone cared about the Gilmore Girls except me. I was so in love with it when it came out. I thought it was exactly like me, my mom, and my maternal grandmother, although my dad certainly was more present in my life than Christopher “Chris” Hayden. Ugh.

Third, Why are these men so hilarious??? Their humor is extremely campy and occasionally blue (the podcast is rated “explicit” after all) They’re exactly the tone of hilarity that my mom, my grandmother and I hit when we’re together, which warms my heart.

I have to issue the disclaimer that I have not listened to every episode. I was just browsing for a new podcast one late night at work and at first I was going backwards through the episodes, and I recently went back to the beginning. Watching the development and polishing of the show has been awesome.

They seem to have shot up in popularity incredibly fast, as they deserve, and the quality of their guests has gone right up too.

I think what makes the podcast especially cool is that Demi has never really seen the show, and so his impressions are fresh and fascinating and feed my inner nerd so deliciously. Also, they are both from Texas like me, and Kevin is from my hometown of Houston. We’re basically soul mates.

Future Geeking Out to Come. I Love You Guys,

Lady A.V.O.M.


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