I’m stressed out again, so here we go (pt. 2)

This is a continuation from the last post, but it’s on a slightly different subject so I thought I would separate the two.

In my post “A Rant About Being Young: My Quarter Life Crisis,” I wrote about how social media makes it tough to deal with FOMO and how much I struggle with my personal relationships because if it.

Well, now here it is, early evening on the Saturday of what is supposed to be a holiday weekend, and I am once again at work. I don’t mind that I have to work. I don’t even mind that I am the only one here. What I DO mind is that I can’t stop myself from checking all of my apps and seeing everyone else out having a good time.

My paternal grandmother’s family is having a huge get together in San Antonio that I could be at. Half of my friends are in New Orleans, Louisiana and the other half are at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I know this because there’s pictures and video slapping me in the face every five minutes.

Also, for some reason, the people I am closest to and who I could 100% rely on to spend time with…well…one of them has a four month-old baby now and the other doesn’t drink. I know that bar-hopping and staying out till hours of the night is not a necessity, but since I graduated college I miss it. A lot.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking right now “You idiot, why are you looking? Why don’t you turn off your phone or something?” The answer to that is, don’t call me and idiot, and because then there would be this constant, low-humming,  nagging feeling that I was missing something important.

You see, if someone needed to get hold of me in an emergency, I can’t trust that they would think to call the office, e-mail me, Facebook message me, or use any of the other media that I don’t need my phone to  check, and what if something happened?

You know what, a let’s make this a trilogy.


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