Alright, so a few months ago I said I wanted to start creating content that wasn’t just stream-of-consciousness rants. Well, today is my 26th birthday, so I figure it’s time. Below is the first paragraph of a rough draft of my novel/short story (depending on how long it ends up being.) I have quite a bit more of it written, but I feel like releasing it piecemeal. Feel free to comment.


Lizzy wandered through the music section of the store. Rows and rows of compact discs stretched ahead of her. She ran her new lanyard through her fingers and bit her lip. “You okay?” a voice asked from somewhere to her right. “Yep,” she responded, turning towards the person behind the counter. “I was just contemplating whether to buy a new CD. I’m kind of tired of the ones in my car.” His light blue eyes sparkled. “What do you like to listen to?” he asked. “Right now I am listening to Arcade Fire a lot,” she answered. “Have you heard of Airborne Toxic Event? It’s not exactly like Arcade Fire, but I think you would like them. They’re around the same time, kind of.” He chuckled. “Okay, I trust your judgement,” she said. They walked over to the wall with the sale CDs. “So, did you just start here?” He asked. “Yeah, last week.” She said.

“We were only seventeen
We were holding in our screams
Like we’d torn it from the pages of some lipstick magazine
And you’d scratch and turn
And say, “let’s burn ourselves up ’til we scream”
Like gasoline”

  • Airborne Toxic Event.

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