I am not dead.

Not that anyone on this site was wondering where the angst-ridden little millennial who cannot seem to stop bitching about her job, spell check correctly, or stop her course towards a nervous break-down went.

I suppose I should be releasing the rest of “Bookies” (I did actually write a little more and I don’t hate it) but that is on my personal computer and I am – you guessed it – at work!

Things got worse, then better, then worse, then I got a boyfriend and a psychologist (different people, I promise!) I moved, bought a bike so that I can keep my endorphin levels up and ride to work instead of drive, and began looking for a better job while finding ways to improve at this one.

I spent a lot of the day consuming content until I came across a YouTube video that encouraged me to create, even if it’s not good, even if it’s just a short blip, just create. So I remembered this blog existed and I decided to spend a few minutes re-vamping for the New Year (even though it is already February.) This year I want to write about:

My relationships/Sex

My career (as much as I am allowed)

My family

My mental health journey


He who shall not be named and my efforts to thwart him (STAY TUNED!)

and Fiction!

Hmmm, there’s seven topics, and seven days in a week… Can I go from barely posting to posting once a day. WITH THEMES?! Let’s see…



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